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蹴る, ける
Conjugated: ければ
Godan verb, Transitive, orig. ichidan verb
1. to kick
2. to refuse, to reject
3. to stamp (on the ground), to firmly press one's feet (against something)
ければならない, なければなりません, なければいけない, なければいけません, ねばならぬ, ねばならない, ねばなりません, なければならぬ, なけばならない
have to do, must, should, ought to
でなければならない, でなければいけない, でなければならぬ
Expression, See である, See なければならない
having to be, must be, should be, ought to be
ければ, 無ければ
Expression, Usually in kana
1. if (it) doesn't exist, if there is no ..., if (one) doesn't have ...
2. if not ..., unless ...
See なければならない, Abbreviation
3. have to ..., must ...
ければ, 良ければ
Expression, Usually in kana
if it is good
ければ, はやければ
at the earliest, if things go well, if nothing unexpected intervenes
よろしければ, 宜しければ
Expression, Usually in kana
if you please, if you don't mind, when you're ready, if you want, if that's alright with you
さもなければ, 然もなければ, 然も無ければ
Expression, Usually in kana
otherwise, or else, if not
でなければ, でないと
without, but if, otherwise, or else
命が惜しければ, いのちがおしければ
if you value your life
otherwise, or else, if not
方がよろしければ, 方が宜しければ, ほうがよろしければ
if you need, if it is necessary
命長ければ恥多し, いのちながければはじおおし
Expression, Proverb
to live long is to outlive much, the longer you live, the more shame you suffer
差し支えなければ, 差しつかえなければ, さしつかえなければ
Expression, See 差し支え・さしつかえ
if it's alright, if you don't mind my asking, if it's all the same to you
万止むを得なければ, 万已むを得なければ, ばんやむをえなければ
if necessary, when unavoidable
水清ければ魚棲まず, みずきよければうおすまず
Expression, Proverb
being too morally upright will not earn you friends, fish will not live in water that is too clean
いただければと思う, 頂ければと思う, いただければとおもう
Expression, Godan verb, Polite, usu. 〜と思います
I would be most grateful if you could ..., I would humbly ask that you ..., please ...
ければ早いほどいい, 早ければ早いほど良い, 早ければ早い程良い, 早ければ早い程いい, はやければはやいほどよい, はやければはやいほどいい
the sooner, the better
遠慮なければ近憂あり, 遠慮無ければ近憂あり, えんりょなければきんゆうあり
Expression, Proverb
plan ahead or you will soon have worries
始め良ければ終わり良し, はじめよければおわりよし
Expression, Proverb
a good beginning makes a good ending
勝てば官軍負ければ賊軍, かてばかんぐんまければぞくぐん
Expression, Proverb
might is right, history is written by the victors, winners are always right and losers are always in the wrong
終わり良ければすべて良し, 終わりよければすべてよし, 終わりよければ全てよし, 終わり良ければ全て良し, 終わりよければすべて良し, 終わり良ければ総て良し, おわりよければすべてよし
Expression, Proverb
1. all is well that ends well, it will all come good in the end
2. All's Well That Ends Well (play by Shakespeare)
人我に辛ければ我また人に辛し, ひとわれにつらければわれまたひとにつらし
be mean to me and I'll be mean in return, I'll treat them as badly as they treat me
ねばなるまい, なければなるまい
Expression, See ねばならない, after neg. verb stem
ought to (verb), should (verb)
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