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昨日, きのう, さくじつ
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
機能, きのう
Takes suru
function, facility, faculty, feature
気嚢, 気のう, きのう
1. air sac (birds, insects, etc.)
2. gasbag (airship), envelope
帰納, きのう
Takes suru
induction, inductive reasoning
帰農, きのう
Takes suru
take up farming again
機能語, きのう
See 内容語
function word
機能美, きのう
functional beauty, beauty of function, simplicity and elegance of design
機能キー, きのうキー
function key
帰納法, きのうほう
induction, inductive method
帰納的, きのうてき
inductive, recursive
機能的, きのうてき
functional, efficient
木の虚ろ, きのうつろ
hollow in a tree
機能文字, きのうもじ
Computer terminology
function character
機能面, きのうめん
functional aspect
機能性, きのうせい
May take 'no'
機能主義, きのうしゅぎ
昨日今日, きのうきょう
1. yesterday and today
2. only recently, just recently, only yesterday
機能仕様, きのうしよう
Computer terminology
functional specification
機能試験, きのうしけん
Computer terminology
capability tests
機能単位, きのうたんい
Computer terminology
functional unit
機能停止, きのうていし
Computer terminology
stopping functioning, being out of service
機能不全, きのうふぜん
dysfunction (often medical), malfunction, insufficiency
昨日の今日, きのうのきょう
right on the heels of yesterday, then today ..., soon after something, and yet now ...
機能概要, きのうがいよう
Computer terminology
functional overview
機能強化, きのうきょうか
Computer terminology
functional enhancement
機能設計, きのうせっけい
Computer terminology
functional design
機能分析, きのうぶんせき
Computer terminology
functional analysis
機能塗料, きのうとりょう
functional coating, functional paint
昨日や今日, きのうやきょう
Expression, See 昨日今日・2
only recently, just recently, only yesterday
機能文法, きのうぶんぽう
Linguistics terminology
functional grammar
機能障害, きのうしょうがい
functional disorder, dysfunction
機能指示記号, きのうしじきごう
Computer terminology
role indicator
機能縮退, きのうしゅくたい
Computer terminology
帰納論理学, きのうろんりがく
See 演繹論理学, Obscure term
inductive logic
機能試験マクロ, きのうしけんマクロ
Computer terminology
feature test macro
帰納的関数, きのうてきかんすう
Computer terminology
recursive function
機能診断テスト, きのうしんだんテスト
Computer terminology
Diagnostic Function Test
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