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以内, いない
Noun, used as a suffix
within, inside of, less than
いる, 居る
Conjugated: いない
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, See 在る・1, Usually in kana
1. to be (of animate objects), to exist
2. to stay
Auxiliary verb, after the -te form of a verb; indicates continuing action or state
3. to be ...-ing, to have been ...-ing
射る, いる
Conjugated: いない
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to shoot (arrow, bolt, dart)
鋳る, 鑄る, いる
Conjugated: いない
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to cast, to mint, to coin
いる, 癒る
Conjugated: いない
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, See 腹が居る, Usually in kana, Archaism, usu. as 腹がいる
to calm down
胃内視鏡, いないしきょう
いないいないばあ, いないいないばー, いないないばあ
間違いない, 間違い無い, まちがいない
Expression, See 紛れもない・まぎれもない
1. certain, sure, doubtless
2. I have no doubt, You can depend on it, It's a safe bet
体内, たいない
May take 'no'
interior of the body
範囲内, はんいない
usu. as ~の範囲内
in range, within the limits (of...), within (a) range
家庭内, かていない
domestic, in the family
いない, 違い無い, ちがいない
Expression, oft. as に違いない
sure, no mistaking it, for certain, without doubt
もったいない, 勿体ない, 勿体無い, 物体ない, 物体無い
Usually in kana
1. wasteful, a waste
2. too good, more than one deserves, unworthy of
3. impious, profane, sacrilegious
神経内科, しんけいない
1. neurology
2. neurology department
胎内, たいない
1. interior of the womb (of a pregnant woman), interior of the uterus
2. interior of a Buddhistic statue
対内, たいない
domestic, internal
たぐいない, 類いない, 類い無い
Usually in kana
本意ない, 本意無い, ほいない
1. reluctant, unwilling
2. unfortunate, sad (when something doesn't go as planned or as you had hoped)
甲斐無い, 甲斐ない, かいない
worthless, pointless, useless
Expression, See おいでなさい・1, Abbreviation, used as an imperative, Dialect: Kyoto-ben
come, go, stay
いない, 無い無い
Takes suru, Children's language, Usually in kana
1. cleaning up, tidying up
See 無い・4, emphatic repetition of 無い
2. no way, no chance
たわいない, 他愛ない, 他愛無い, たわい無い, たあいない
See 他愛もない, Usually in kana
silly, foolish, absurd, childish, easy, trifling, guileless
不甲斐ない, 不甲斐無い, 腑甲斐ない, 腑甲斐無い, ふがいない
disappointing, weak-minded, spiritless, cowardly, worthless, pusillanimous, feckless, faint-hearted, shiftless, tame, timid
相違ない, そういない
without doubt, certain, sure
頭蓋内, ずがいない
May take 'no'
intracranial, endocranial
内々示, 内内示, ないない, ないない
See 内示
early unofficial heads-up of coming announcement (esp. of change in employment conditions, e.g. transfer or promotion)
邸内, ていない
grounds, premises
如才ない, 如才無い, 如在ない, 如在無い, じょさいない
tactful, adroit, shrewd, clever, smart, affable
所在無い, 所在ない, しょざいない
bored, having nothing to do, idle
関係ない, 関係無い, かんけいない
unrelated, irrelevant, unconcerned, unconnected
内々定, 内内定, ないないてい
See 内定
early unofficial job offer, informal promise of employment
胎内仏, 胎内佛, たいないぶつ
small Buddhist image inside another Buddhist image
想定内, そうていない
May take 'no'
within expectations, as expected, within the scope of hypothesis or assumption
無い内定, ないないてい
See 無い・1, See 内々定, Humorous term, pun on 内々定
having received no job offers, being without job offers
廷内, ていない
inside the court
体内時計, たいないどけい
biological clock
対内投資, たいないとうし
inward investment
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